Wednesday 11 January 2012

The Comedy Store Players in The Sitcom Trials

Neil Mullarkey, Suki Webster, Niall Ashdown and Richard Vranch of The Comedy Store Players star in The Sitcom Trials TV series 1, episode 4. This improv sitcom is Re-enactment: Two Improvised Sitcoms go head-to-head, who wins? You decide (assuming you were viewing when this went out live. Phone lines are now closed). The Sitcom Trials first TV series was broadcast live at around 11.30 on Friday nights, with the actors only learning which sitcom's ending they'd be performing during the ad break. Live skin-of-the-teeth television at its best.The Sitcom Trials is the comedy show where brand new sitcoms compete and the audience vote for the winner.Have we found the new Office? The new Outnumbered? The new Open All Hours? Only you can decide. Format copyright ©2012 Kev F Sutherland Wikipedia entry

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