Tuesday 25 September 2012

How do I vote in The Sitcom Trials?

A question we're often asked is "how do I vote in The Sitcom Trials?" A good question, and here comes your answer.

The following article explains how to vote in our regular Sitcom Trials shows and script selections.

The Sitcom Trials gives you, the sitcom lover, two opportunities to vote. When you come to our live shows, you vote for the sitcoms you've seen performed and only see the ending of the winners.

But before then, and open to many more people, there is the chance to vote in our online script selection. Not just vote, but Read, Review and Vote. 

In our stage shows, The Sitcom Trials showcases some sitcoms chosen from writers who've entered their scripts online. This is open to anyone who wishes to enter and is free. Once the scripts have been submitted, it is then up to you, the reader at home, to help us chose which we should perform. All we ask you to do is go to the Script Files where you will find the scripts in contention for the shows in question (see below for show details and deadlines).

Then we ask you to read, give a Twitter length review, and vote either Yes, Maybe or No, to all of the scripts you've managed to read, posting your finished list of reviews and votes to the Facebook Group files.

At the end of the voting period, these votes are then tallied up, with a Yes vote being worth 2 points, a Maybe vote worth 1 points and a No vote being worth minus 1 point. This means it doesn't matter if you've not been able to read all the scripts in contention, your votes will only affect those you've read, and will leave unaffected those on which you've not voted. The plus and minus votes soon give a clear distinction of which scripts are going down well.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not vote now?*

Any questions, ask at the Forum. Happy voting.

Kev F Sutherland
Executive Producer
The Sitcom Trials

* "Because there's no voting open at the moment" is a good answer. Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for every new round of script entries and voting.

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