Friday, 22 February 2013

Sitcom Trials unbroadcast pilot - Do You Think They'll Cotton On?

The Sitcom Trials' ITV 1 series began this very week in 2003, yes ten years ago on 21st Feb 2003. To commemorate it here is one of the seven-minute-sitcoms from that first episode, in the version from the unbroadcast pilot recorded a week earlier. Do You Think They'll Cotton On was written by Bryan Meenagh and stars Gerard Foster and Wanda Opalinska. Enjoy.

The ITV1 series ran for 8 weeks, showcasing 16 brand new mini sitcoms, head to head, with the viewers at home voting for their favourite. This year The Sitcom Trials runs So You Think You Write Funny, a competition culminating in a final at the Edinburgh Fringe. It's free to enter, details are here.

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