Friday 14 June 2013

Bristol Heat 2 video

The 5th heat of The Sitcom Trials - So You Think You Write Funny competition, the second to take place in Bristol, was held on Thurs June 13th 2013 and looked, in edited highlight form, like this:

Bristol Heat Two: Thursday June 13th.
-    Situation Normal, Naomi Carter (WP)
-    Alien Hunter, Richard Hattersley
-    The Last man, Dan McKee
-    Trainspotting, Graeme Knowles
-    I See A Penguin, Richard Dowling
Sitcom Trials at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. 8pm. Tickets £3 

And the winner going through to the semi final was Situation Normal. This makes it one of the 5 definite semi finalists. After the last of the heats in London, we shall determine which of the 6 runners up will be joining it and the other announced winners stay tuned.

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