Thursday, 2 February 2012

US Pilot Season - UK successes

British TV lovers might be interested to see some of the shows being made for the forthcoming US TV pilot season. My thanks to Mark Olver for tweeting this article which usefully explains how the pilot season works then lists all the projects the various networks have in the pipeline.

Of particular interest on ABC's list of shows is White Van Man, the BBC 3 show written by Adrian Poynton and starring Will Mellor, being remade by formar My Name Is Earl producer.

And over on Fox they're not only remaking ITV's prison drama Bad Girls, but also Robert Popper's domestic comedy Friday Night Dinner.

In other news, Roseanne Barr is making a new sitcom as a woman who runs a trailer park, and there's a contest for least-catchy comedy show title being fought over between Untitled Jimmy Fallon Project, Untitled Sarah Silverman Project and Untitled Louis CK Project. It'll be interesting to see who wins that one.

Next Sitcom Trials show March 30, Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol
Script deadline Feb 29 - enter here.

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