Wednesday 25 July 2012

Scripts invited for Sitcom Trials Halloween Special

Having sold out the last two shows, and garnered 4 star reviews, the Bristol Sitcom Trials will be back with a special Halloween show on Friday 19th October at the Wardrobe Theatre.  We're looking for TWO SCRIPTS to perform as part of a line-up of five brand new spooky sitcoms, and you're all invited to submit material (the other three sitcoms will be written by the Bristol team of writers and performers).

UPDATE: There is now also a Manchester Sitcom Trials Halloween Special on Oct 20th for which these script entries will also be eligible, you only need enter the once to be counted for both. See here for details.

Since this is a Halloween show, we're specifically looking for the spooky, the supernatural and the macabre.  You can re-write an existing sitcom, tailored to the Halloween theme; or you can come up with something new.  

Scripts should be NO MORE THAN 15 pages long, with a solid and exciting CLIFFHANGER around the 8-10 page mark.
 If you want to enter a script, simply upload your scripts to the SitsVac files. First read The Brief below for guidelines.

If you have any questions about The Sitcom Trials you can ask at
The Sits Vac Forum
The British Comedy Guide Forum
or Facebook

Scripts should be written to be performed with NO PROPS, SETS or COSTUMES - we're going minimalist on this occasion, since the last show nearly killed us.  Ideally, we'd like ONE CONTINUOUS PIECE OF ACTION, with no scene changes, and with no more than SIX CHARACTERS.  One day we won't need to say this, but please please please write some strong female characters.

The deadline is: Friday 21st August.  There will be a week of voting (usual rules apply: YES=2 / MAYBE=1 / NO=-1), and then the cast will read the top five scripts at a meeting on Sunday 2nd September, and we'll decide which two will make the show.  All writers (and performers) are welcome to attend our meetings, particularly if they buy us drinks.

Vince Stadon
Sitcom Trials Bristol

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