Saturday 31 August 2013

Sitcom Trials SYTYWF video

At last it's here, the video of the Sitcom Trials So You Think You Write Funny final from the Edinburgh Fringe, highlights thereof. Enjoy.

Filmed by MB Productions, this is just a taste of the 5 sitcoms in the final on the night, with appearances from our MC Mark Dolan and the boss of the Gilded Balloon Karen Koren.

The 5 finalists in the 2013 Sitcom Trials Final are
Cast written by Peter Etherington 
None Of The Above written by and co-starring Lewis Cook 
Never Better written by and co-starring Rosie Holt 
Situation Normal written by and co-starring Naomi Carter 
Theatre written by Andrew Tate 

The (next) Sitcom Trials takes place at The Ring O' Bells, Bath, Nov 29 2013. 5 sitcoms go head to head, who wins? You decide. For details,follow this link.

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