Friday 31 August 2012

Bristol Sitcom Trials meeting - you are invited.

Vince Stadon, Sitcom Trials Bristol producer writes:
 Next Bristol Sitcom Trials Team meeting: Sunday Sept 2nd - ALL WELCOME!

On the fields of Flanders in February 1918, British officer Major Summerfield was struck by lightning. He fell off his horse and was paralysed from the waist down. After the war, he retired to Vancouver, to indulge his passion for fishing. In 1924, as he fished alongside a river, lightning hit the tree he was sitting under. The tree fell on him, paralysing his right side. Remarkably, he recovered, and four years later he had regained the use of his legs. He was walking through a park when he was struck by lightning and completely paralysed. He died two years later. Four years later, lightning struck a cemetery and completely destroyed his tombstone.

The next meeting of the slightly luckier Bristol Sitcom Trials team will take place at the Oxford pub, Oxford Street, Totterdown, 3pm, on Sunday 2nd September. It would be very splendid indeed if you could come along. Everybody is welcome, we especially like to see new faces, so please feel free to come along.

We'll be reading the top five scripts (as voted by peer review) entered into competition for the Halloween Sitcom Trials. From that five, we'll be choosing at least two scripts to take forward to the show on Friday October 19th. We'll also discuss scripts in progress from the Bristol team, and we'll examine German Chancellor Angela Merkel's handling of the Eurozone liquidity crisis and its impact on long-term global fiscal policy decisions.

See you Sunday, if I can avoid being struck by lightning.

Kind regards and very best wishes,


Sitcom Trials creator & executive producer Kev F Sutherland adds:

I'll be there, will you?

The result of the online script voting was: 

Draszic's Lot 18
Separate Parents *16 14
Randolph Carter 13
Three in Tow *15 13
Brides of PeteE *13 11
Thirtn Gormley St *12 10
Blackstable 10
Country Rock *12 10
Red Sky at Night 10
What Was That?¬¬¬*9 7
Who Judges Judges 5
Roy Richards *7 5
Kill Bob *6 4
Purgatory *6 4
Trick or Treat *6 4
Witching Hour 3
Femme Fatale 2
Gravesend (late) 0
Café Rico -1
Womb Witha View -2
Istanbul -2
Three Ex Husbands *-3 -5
Friends Like These -6
Enter Twineman *-6 -8
Storm in a Teacup -9
Centipede Human *-9 -11
Lord Mayor -14
Ghost Partner -17
Scare Room -17

Sunday 26 August 2012

Halloween Sitcom Trials: Deadline over, scripts in, let's vote

The deadline has passed for the Halloween Sitcom Trials, the entries are all in, now it is time for all good women & men to read, review and vote on the scripts. You are asked, if you can, to read as many scripts as you can manage, and when you've done so to post a set of Twitter-length reviews and Votes for every script you've read. Vote YES, MAYBE or NO as to whether the script you've read deserves showcasing in the Sitcom Trials stage show.

The scripts are being considered for the Halloween Sitcom Trials taking place in Bristol on Oct 19th and Manchester on Oct 20th. We would like your votes and reviews posted either to the SitsVac forum or the British Comedy Guide forum by midnight Saturday Sept 1st (in order that the Bristol team can select scripts for a Sept 2nd meeting). There may be time for a further round of voting after this date, but the 1st Sept cut-off date will affect the first scripts to be selected for performance.

The scripts in contention can be found in the Sits Vac Halloween files here, and are:

'Who judges the judges' by Elliot 'Jay'Stewart..pdf
A Womb With A View To A Kill - Andrew Blair - ST.pdf
Cafe Rico Halloween.pdf
Country Rock- Halloween Special.pdf 
Draszic's Lot - Halloween ST.pdf
Enter Twineman by Robin Wiggs (Halloween Sitcom Trials).pdf 
Friends Like These (Halloween Sitcom Trials).pdf 
Istanbul - 'Twilight of the Bone Idle'.pdf
Kill Bob.pdf 
Randolph Carter's Casebook- The Shadow Out of Outsmouth.pdf 
Red Sky at Night - Halloween Episode.pdf
Separate Parents-Halloween.pdf
Storm in a Tea Cup ....pdf 
The Brides of Pete-enstein - SitsVac Halloween 2012 entry.pdf
The Centipede Human by Shahan Miah and Martin Lejeune.pdf 
The Ghost Partner by Emma Roy- Williams.docx
The Lord Mayor - Trick but no Treat.pdf 
The Scare Room (Halloween Sitcom Trials).pdf
The Witching Hour - SitsVac Halloween 2012 entry.pdf 
Three Ex Husbands and a Vicar.pdf
trick or treat.pdf
What was that.pdf 

That's 28 entries, a very healthy turnout for a themed show, and quite the challenge for any budding script readers. Let's see who can get them all read in the first week of voting. Bring it on.

Kev F Sutherland
Creator & Executive Producer
The Sitcom Trials

SitsVac Forum - vote here
BCG Forum - or vote here

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Halloween Sitcom Trials new deadline Sat Aug 25th

We've extended the deadline for script entries for the next Sitcom Trials. You now have until midnight Saturday August 25th to get your scripts into the Halloween Sitcom Trials. This change is not because there was any shortage of scripts, but simply because we cocked up the announcement earlier (referring to Friday August 21st, a date which quite simply doesn't exist). So you now have until August 25th to get your script in. Bring them on!

The Halloween Sitcom Trials will be taking place in Bristol on October 19th and Manchester on October 20th, and both shows will be performing scripts selected from your online submissions. We are looking for scripts now.

Both the Bristol and the Manchester shows will be selecting their scripts to perform from the same online entries, so you only have to enter once to have double the chance of seeing your sitcom performed live on stage. The Bristol team will be choosing two scripts to be part of their show, and the Manchester team are choosing three, the remainder of the show being prepared by the performers themselves.

Since this is a Halloween show, we're specifically looking for the spooky, the supernatural and the macabre.  You can re-write an existing sitcom, tailored to the Halloween theme; or you can come up with something new.  

Scripts should be NO MORE THAN 15 pages long, with a solid and exciting CLIFFHANGER around the 8-10 page mark.
 If you want to enter a script, simply upload your scripts to the SitsVac files. First read The Brief below for guidelines.

If you have any questions about The Sitcom Trials you can ask at
The Sits Vac Forum
The British Comedy Guide Forum
or Facebook

Scripts should be written to be performed with NO PROPS, SETS or COSTUMES - we're going minimalist on this occasion, since the last show nearly killed us.  Ideally, we'd like ONE CONTINUOUS PIECE OF ACTION, with no scene changes, and with no more than SIX CHARACTERS.  One day we won't need to say this, but please please please write some strong female characters.

The deadline is: Friday 21st August.  There will be a week of voting (usual rules apply: YES=2 / MAYBE=1 / NO=-1), and then the cast will read the top five scripts at a meeting on Sunday 2nd September, and we'll decide which two will make the show.  All writers (and performers) are welcome to attend our meetings, particularly if they buy us drinks.

Kev F Sutherland
Executive Producer
Sitcom Trials

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