Saturday 31 December 2011

Perfect 10 by Rich Johnston in The Sitcom Trials

Episode 7 of series 1 of of The Sitcom Trials saw two wildly different sitcoms in competition, one deals with the world of politics, one with the world of football. Here is the first in the head to head contest, Perfect 10 by Rich Johnston...
These episodes star Sitcom Trials regulars Dan March, Victoria Jeffrey, Gerard Foster and Simon Wright who, following his acting roles in the show went on to co-produce the stage show for two seasons before co-creating The Sitcom Mission.

Talking of changing the subject,next in the blog comes this contender's rival.

Perfect 10 by Rich Johnston
Football by Bowdler & Manning
Alternative winner

The Sitcom Trials returns in 2012, writers and performers are welcomed. See here for details.

Friday 30 December 2011

Jimmy James - Sitcom Trials solo sitcom

James Holmes in The Sitcom Trials. For the Sitcom Trials Edinburgh show of 2002, James Holmes wrote and performed a one man sitcom The World Of Jimmy James. It was the most popular and successful sitcom of that month's run and the following year found itself in the first Sitcom Trials TV series...

2001's Edinburgh Sitcom Trials had starred Miranda Hart in her sitcom set in a novelty shop. When, as Miranda, that format found itself as a popular series on BBC TV, James Holmes went on to take the co-starring role originated on stage by Dan Clegg.

The Sitcom Trials returns in 2012, writers and performers are welcomed. See here for details.

Thursday 22 December 2011

Justin Lee Collins in the Christmas Episode

From The Sitcom Trials archive, here's Justin Lee Collins, in a very early show, playing the part of Mr Coal the disturbing neighbour in the sitcom Rise And Shine - The Christmas Episode.

Script by Kev F Sutherland, characters created by Ken Elkes & Kev F Sutherland. Starring Edward Grassby, Juliet Grassby, Sarah Menage & Andy Pollard.

The Sitcom Trials continues in London, Bristol and Manchester, writers and performers are welcomed. See here for details.

Thursday 8 December 2011

The Sitcom Trials - returns to Bristol 2012

Sitcom Trials Bristol 2012 - actors & writers wanted

The Sitcom Trials is about to return to Bristol in 2012, would you like to be part of it?

Vince Stadon (author of one of 2011's winners of the Manchester Sitcom Trials, Checkpoint Dave) has taken hold of the reins of Producer for The Sitcom Trials spring season in Bristol and is interested in hearing from actors who would like to perform comedy, and writers who would like to see their comedy performed.

Contact Vince at and he'll be in touch about planned meetings and shows in Bristol. Oh, and I'll be involved too, how could I resist?

Sitcom Trials ITV series

The first Sitcom Trials took place in Bristol (and very shortly after in London) in 1999, and our ITV series was broadcast live from the HTV Studios in Bristol in 2003). The last Bristol Sitcom Trials was way back in September 2005 so, following the success of the recent London & Manchester seasons, it's ripe for a revival.

The cast of Checkpoint Dave, Sitcom Trials winner 2011

If you need reminding about the fine work of The Sitcom Trials in the past, check out the videos and details at

Vince and I look forward to meeting a new team of comedic talents, welcome on board.

Kev F Sutherland
Executive Producer
The Sitcom Trials

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