Friday 26 September 2014

Fall Girl in London

Oh hello!

Did you miss Fall girl by Sitcom Trials winner Rosie Holt at the Gilded Balloon this August?

 The sad, happy, silly, catchy, filthy, fluffy, dark, cringy, yet ultimately uplifting tale of being scammed in the city?


 You did miss it?!  And as a result have you felt strangely bereft, as if you are missing some fundamental piece of joy that you didn't realise you truly needed until now?? 

You saw it?!  Yet have you been dying to revisit its bonkers, toe-tapping, tune humming, giggle-making universe just one last time???

YOU ARE IN LUCK! Fall girl is back in London!


To get tickets (£9.50 (£7.50 concessions)) visit the Canal Cafe website here:

To find out more about Fall Girl visit our website here:

Come along and be as happy as Hayley in the picture above!

The Fall Girl team xxx

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