Saturday 31 March 2012

Sitcom Trials Bristol video

Here is just a taste of the Bristol Sitcom Trials, at the Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol March 30 2012

Vince Stadon and his team produced a fantastic show, which was not only fun to take part in but was also a sellout, and I realise this video falls into the category of "You had to be there", but what can I say? If you were there, trust me you'd have loved it. The audience had great fun watching sitcoms and choosing their favourite. Here is the cast list...

"Shock Treatment"
Dr Lime - Luke Honnoraty
Jane Defoe - Angie Belcher
Mrs Riordan - Sarit Wilson Chen
Mr Nesmith - Lewis Cook

"The Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark"
Roger - Lewis Cook
Zak - Robin Courtnadge
Mary - Lorna Hinton
Mrs Feathers - Becky Brunning
Policeman - John Lomas

Megan - Angie Belcher
Bob - James Mantell
Terry - Luke Honnoraty
Chesney - John Lomas

"Games Night"
Martha - Naomi Carter
Martin - Robin Courtnadge
Dave - John Lomas
Shelly - Lorna Hinton
"Making Heavy Weather"
Karen - Becky Brunning
Stephanie - Sarit Wilson Chen
Frank - Lewis Cook

The sitcoms in contention included two which have also been performed by The Sitcom Trials team in Manchester, and it might be fun to compare and contrast the different performances.

This Manchester Sitcom Trials includes an alternate version of The Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark:

.... and this features another take on Shock Treatment.

Stay tuned for more Sitcom Trials news.

Friday 30 March 2012

Sitcom Trials Bristol - and the winner is...

And the winner is....

The Cast, Sitcom Trials Bristol May 30 2012

Congratulations to Vince and the cast for an absolutely excellent Sitcom Trials in Bristol tonight. I hesitate to say it but it's the funniest Sitcom Trials I can remember. The scripts were good, the cast were excellent, and the audience responded beautifully, and it was a joy to present. When the video is edited and up you'll get a feeling of the fun that was there to be had, hopefully. There should be photos on Facebook soon too.

In the meantime, here are the results. The running order was:

Shock Treatment by Richard Dowling
The Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark by Luke Cedar
White Coats by Katie Boyles
Games Night by Ed Campbell
Making Heavy Weather by Eddie Robson and Julie Bower

And the winner was:

The Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark by Luke Cedar

Congratulations Luke, and all of the cast, and of course Vince for producing a fab show. The next Bristol Sitcom Trials is officially taking place in "June-ish" - Vince will announce the date when he knows it - and before that we have the Eurovision Sitcom Contest in London to look forward to. Stay tuned here for details.

Kev F Sutherland
The Sitcom Trials

Sunday 25 March 2012

Announcing the Sitcom Trials Manchester

The Sitcom Trials is returning to Manchester in July as part of Manchester Comedy Festival and if you'd like to create and star in the new great British sitcom, we'd like to hear from you.

The show's on July 20th, ticket information and details will be appearing soon. In the meantime we're looking for entries. And before the call goes out for scripts, I'd particularly like to hear from comedians, sketch groups and writer-performers who would like to present their own sitcom on stage. Past writer-performed successes in The Sitcom Trials include sitcoms written by and starring Miranda Hart, James Holmes, and The Comedy Store Players.

If you would like this opportunity to be the next Miranda, the create the next How Not To Live Your Life, then email or find me on Facebook or Twitter.

As ever, it's the future of sitcom, and once again it's in your hands. I look forward to hearing.

Kev F Sutherland
Executive Producer
The Sitcom Trials

Friday 23 March 2012

Sitcom Trials Bristol - March 30th

The next Sitcom Trials takes place in Bristol on Friday March 30th at The Wardrobe Theatre, Above The White Bear, 133 St Michael's Hill, Bristol BS2 8BS from 8pm, tickets are only £3.

The five sitcoms in competition are:
"Whitecoats" by Katie Boyles
"Shock Treatment" by Richard Dowling
"Games Night" by Ed Campbell
"The Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark" by Luke Cedar
"Making Heavy Weather" by Eddie Robson & Julie Bower

Reserve tickets by emailing: and turn up 25mins before the show to pay for your tickets. Or… risk it, turn up and get your tickets on the door.

Anyone who would like to spread the word to their friends are free to use the flyer artwork (above or below) to print out or post online. And of course this is only the start for The Sitcom Trials Bristol team, led by Vince Stadon, who already have plans for their subsequent productions. If you'd like to get involved as a writer, actor, comedian or supporter, join the Facebook group, and keep up to date on the SitsVac egroup and/or the British Comedy Guide Forum. All important updates can be found on the Sitcom Trials website,

Have we found the new Red Dwarf? The new Green Wing? The new White Van Man? Only you can decide.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Sitcom Trials Bristol voting results


The votes are in, and they've all now been counted, and double-checked, and the full results are:

Making Heavy Weather (35)
The Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark (25)
Games Night: Monopoly (23)
Shock Treatment (23)
Whitecoats (21)

Cooper: Hangover (20)
As Plain As Day (19)
The Old Legion (19)
Welliott Marsh and the Big Soak (18)
The Gaia Centre for Holistic Healing (16)
Cold Call (15)
All the Fun of the Fair (12)
Bewilderment Years (12)
You've Missed a Bit: Faith (12)
Mr Pipe (10)
Three Moons (10)
Stanburg (10)
Social (9)
The Offy (9)
Scream Girls (7)
The Space Between (7)
Toil and Trouble (7)
Deirdre Dooley's Dilemma (5)
Loxley's Poker Night (5)
There's Been a Murder: Chainsaws (4)
A French Affair (3)
Limbo (3)
Istanbul (1)
Moonstricken (1)
The MacArthurs and Me (1)
You've Missed a Bit: The Best Medicine (1)
Take a Penny Leave a Penny: Kevin and Nevin (0)
The Duplicate (-1)
Geezers (-4)
Suburban Bohemia: New Management (-5)
Baked: Pilot (-9)
Chairman Sal (-9)
Me and Mrs Jones (-9)
TFL (-11)
To Live or Die (-11)
Big Boys Bad (-15)

Congrats to the writers of the top five - their scripts now go forward to the live show at the Wardrobe Theatre on March 30th (tickets available now).

Commiserations to all the other writers - it's a tough competition and it takes a lot of guts to write a sitcom and enter it into a peer-reviewed contest where everything's out in the open. Thank you to everyone who took part; I hope you found the process to be rewarding, and the feedback to be useful.

I'll be in touch with the Wardrobe to ask for comp tickets for the writers (which should encourage them to attend the show, and to bring with them all their friends).

A few things -

- In the interests of transparency and fairness, I've uploaded my votes counting document to the SitsVac files section, so please feel free to double-check that I've got it all right, particularly if it affects the top five in any way.

- I discarded votes from Bart Hulley (over 10 hours past the deadline) and from Shaun (a few reviews with no votes attached to them).

- Two writers withdrew their scripts very early on, but some votes were cast for them anyway:

Honest (2)
A Game of Two Halves (1)

- The Bristol team will be reading/casting the top five scripts at our next meeting, and the writers are very welcome to attend. Oxford pub, Oxford Street, Totterdown, Bristol, Sunday 11th March, 2-4pm (ish).

Thanks again to everyone (and especially to Kev F for his Antipodean support).


Monday 5 March 2012

Trials script voting - please join in

I've done it! Finally got all scripts read, reviewed and voted on (except for the three .docx documents which I couldn't open on my mac). I've posted my reviews on the SitsVac forum:

And even better, I don't have to add up the votes!

I am loving this round of Sitcom Trials script reading (helped by being in Australia in March, which can't be hurting I'm sure). I have found the level of writing to be the all-round highest I can remember, so my congratulations to everyone who's entered, and to Vince for encouraging such a response. I hope I've given a good enough explanation for every Yes, Maybe and No I've given.

I'd encourage anybody and everybody on this message forum to try and read the Sitcom Trials entries and vote on just a few if you can. Every vote helps, and it doesn't matter if you only read 4 out of the 40 (because an unread or unovted on script remains unaffected, a YES counts for 2 points, a MAYBE for 1 and a NO is worth minus 1). Every little helps.

Kev F
Exec Producer
The Sitcom Trials

Read the scripts here
Vote here
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