Monday 5 March 2012

Trials script voting - please join in

I've done it! Finally got all scripts read, reviewed and voted on (except for the three .docx documents which I couldn't open on my mac). I've posted my reviews on the SitsVac forum:

And even better, I don't have to add up the votes!

I am loving this round of Sitcom Trials script reading (helped by being in Australia in March, which can't be hurting I'm sure). I have found the level of writing to be the all-round highest I can remember, so my congratulations to everyone who's entered, and to Vince for encouraging such a response. I hope I've given a good enough explanation for every Yes, Maybe and No I've given.

I'd encourage anybody and everybody on this message forum to try and read the Sitcom Trials entries and vote on just a few if you can. Every vote helps, and it doesn't matter if you only read 4 out of the 40 (because an unread or unovted on script remains unaffected, a YES counts for 2 points, a MAYBE for 1 and a NO is worth minus 1). Every little helps.

Kev F
Exec Producer
The Sitcom Trials

Read the scripts here
Vote here

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    My kind of people!! Loved it!
    Be damned if I'd order a Pizza with'em!!
    Vote: YES



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