Friday 21 June 2013

London Trials heat 6 video

Here, courtesy of Nadine Allen's excellent camera and editing work, is the video from The Sitcom Trials So You Think You Write Funny heat 6 in London. I think you might enjoy this one...

London Heat 2 Fri June 14
- Medicine to Follow, Keyworth & Clompus
 -    You Banker, Richard Dowling
-    Shirley’s Temple, Chen & Leigh
 -    Cuz Zombie, Belgrave & Coppin (animation)
-    Cast, Peter Etherington

And the winner is... watch the video, it's worth the suspenseful wait. And like I say, you'll enjoy it.

Not that you won't enjoy the clips of our other shows, like this heat in Manchester and this one in Bristol, but you might notice with those that sometimes the audience is a bit quiet (eg ie Bristol) or the actors are reading from scripts in a radio style, albeit brilliantly, and the audience is a bit quiet (ie eg Manchester), or the video quality's a bit rubbish (that would be Bristol, shot by me, not Manchester which is shot in hi def by the fabulous Judgement Dave). But in the above video we have the triple whammy of laughter, quite nice lighting, fully staged sitcoms and - okay we have the quadruple whammy, including - Nadine's camera and editing. All I'm saying is when you look up "You had to be there" in the dictionary, that it'll say "most Sitcom Trials video clips". But in this instance you get quite a representative taste of a night of sitcoms.

Though there's a bit too much of me. I usually edit me out completely. Bad hair night, and diet ahoy. Ignore me and this is a nifty video clip, which includes the sitcoms, the running order and the results. We'll see you all at the semi finals.

Sitcom Trials - So You Think You Write Funny? competition:
Fri July 19 - Semi Final 1 (Camden Head, London)
Mon July 22 - Semi Final 2 (Camden Head, London)

Weds August 21 - Grand Final, The Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe.

Sunday 16 June 2013

Line ups for the Sitcom Trials SYTYWF semi finals

Announcing the line-ups for the Sitcom Trials So You Think You Write Funny semi finals in London.

Situation Normal, Naomi Carter – Bristol heat 2 WINNER
None Of The Above , Lewis Cook – Bristol heat 1 WINNER
Never Better, Rosie Holt  - London heat 1 Runner Up
Cuz Zombie Library, Belgrave & Coppin – London heat 2 Runner Up
Oh Be Joyful, James McMellon  - Manchester heat 2 WINNER
Theatre, Andrew Tate Manchester heat 1 Runner Up

Trainspotting, Graeme Knowles – Bristol heat 2 Runner Up
Three In Tow, Eoin Carney – London heat 1 WINNER 
 Cast, Peter Etherington – London heat  2 WINNER
Cash & Currie, Bobby Finn  - Manchester heat 1 WINNER 
Project Romance, Harriet Cummings – Bristol heat 1 Runner Up 

Both semi finals take place at the Camden Head, 100 Camden High St, London, doors opening 7.30pm, tickets £5. The Grand Final will be at the Edinburgh Fringe on August 21st.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Sitcom Trials SYTYWF Edinburgh Fringe poster

Here is the brand new poster and flyer advertising The Sitcom Trials - So You Think You Write Funny Grand Final at the Edinburgh Fringe on August 21st 2013. Book now.

Before then we have the semi finals at the Camden Head in London on July 19th and 22nd, see you there.

Friday 14 June 2013

Bristol Heat 2 video

The 5th heat of The Sitcom Trials - So You Think You Write Funny competition, the second to take place in Bristol, was held on Thurs June 13th 2013 and looked, in edited highlight form, like this:

Bristol Heat Two: Thursday June 13th.
-    Situation Normal, Naomi Carter (WP)
-    Alien Hunter, Richard Hattersley
-    The Last man, Dan McKee
-    Trainspotting, Graeme Knowles
-    I See A Penguin, Richard Dowling
Sitcom Trials at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. 8pm. Tickets £3 

And the winner going through to the semi final was Situation Normal. This makes it one of the 5 definite semi finalists. After the last of the heats in London, we shall determine which of the 6 runners up will be joining it and the other announced winners stay tuned.

Monday 10 June 2013

Manchester Heat 2 video

Thanks to the excellent video work of Judgement Dave, we have a fine record of the second Manchester heat of The Sitcom Trials So You Think You Write Funny. Enjoy.

Manchester Heat 2  Fri June 7
-    Waiting, Martin Holmes
-    Oh Be Joyful, James McMellon
-    Networking, S Davenport
-    The Thrift Collection, Graeme Knowles
-    Is It Just Us? Olly Allsop & John Barron
Sitcom Trials at The Lass O'Gowrie, 36 Charles St, Manchester M1 7DB. 8pm 
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