Sunday 3 December 2017

A quiet year from The Sitcom Trials

Hello everyone, and hasn't The Sitcom Trials been quiet this year? I can only apologise.

I can't help noticing this blog has only featured two posts all year so far, and one of those was an advertorial. Such a change from 2016 when we ran our biggest ever tournament, straddling the country, with our most successful final and the highest quality of entries any of us had seen.

After such a successful final, everyone's buzzing and talking about how we should do this again. Then what happens? Well, in my case I get the bill and realise that, try as I might, I've never managed to turn a profit from The Sitcom Trials. I also look at my workload and see how much time it takes, and the showrunners of all the various heats do the same.

So it was that, through 2017, I toured Socks Do Shakespeare, and the various members of the Sitcom Trials teams went on to great individual success, boosted no doubt by our experience with the 2016 Trials.

There's been talk of a few things that might revive The Sitcom Trials for 2018, including a probable podcast and the ever-tempting prospect of crowdfunding another tournament. And, if there's interest, any of these things can still happen.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who's checked in sporadically through the year to hear what's new, and a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year when it comes, to us all.

Kev F
Creator & Producer
The Sitcom Trials

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