Saturday 31 March 2012

Sitcom Trials Bristol video

Here is just a taste of the Bristol Sitcom Trials, at the Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol March 30 2012

Vince Stadon and his team produced a fantastic show, which was not only fun to take part in but was also a sellout, and I realise this video falls into the category of "You had to be there", but what can I say? If you were there, trust me you'd have loved it. The audience had great fun watching sitcoms and choosing their favourite. Here is the cast list...

"Shock Treatment"
Dr Lime - Luke Honnoraty
Jane Defoe - Angie Belcher
Mrs Riordan - Sarit Wilson Chen
Mr Nesmith - Lewis Cook

"The Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark"
Roger - Lewis Cook
Zak - Robin Courtnadge
Mary - Lorna Hinton
Mrs Feathers - Becky Brunning
Policeman - John Lomas

Megan - Angie Belcher
Bob - James Mantell
Terry - Luke Honnoraty
Chesney - John Lomas

"Games Night"
Martha - Naomi Carter
Martin - Robin Courtnadge
Dave - John Lomas
Shelly - Lorna Hinton
"Making Heavy Weather"
Karen - Becky Brunning
Stephanie - Sarit Wilson Chen
Frank - Lewis Cook

The sitcoms in contention included two which have also been performed by The Sitcom Trials team in Manchester, and it might be fun to compare and contrast the different performances.

This Manchester Sitcom Trials includes an alternate version of The Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark:

.... and this features another take on Shock Treatment.

Stay tuned for more Sitcom Trials news.

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