Saturday 31 December 2011

Perfect 10 by Rich Johnston in The Sitcom Trials

Episode 7 of series 1 of of The Sitcom Trials saw two wildly different sitcoms in competition, one deals with the world of politics, one with the world of football. Here is the first in the head to head contest, Perfect 10 by Rich Johnston...
These episodes star Sitcom Trials regulars Dan March, Victoria Jeffrey, Gerard Foster and Simon Wright who, following his acting roles in the show went on to co-produce the stage show for two seasons before co-creating The Sitcom Mission.

Talking of changing the subject,next in the blog comes this contender's rival.

Perfect 10 by Rich Johnston
Football by Bowdler & Manning
Alternative winner

The Sitcom Trials returns in 2012, writers and performers are welcomed. See here for details.

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