Wednesday 2 November 2011

Producers Tale v What An Anchor

In The Sitcom Trials TV series, two behind-the-scenes TV show sitcoms compete. What An Anchor by Adrian Peck & John Kelly, vs Producer's Tale by Roland Moore.

Have we found the new Larry Sanders? The new Alan Partridge? The new the-one-with-Ben-Miller-you-know-it-was-on-ITV-last-year-oh-what-was-it-called? You decide.

The Sitcom Trials first TV series was broadcast live at around 11.30 on Friday nights, with the actors only learning which sitcom's ending they'd be performing during the ad break. Live skin-of-the-teeth televsion at its best.

The Sitcom Trials returns in 2012, writers and performers are welcomed. See here for details.

See the Best of The Sitcom Trials videos, here.

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