Saturday 15 December 2012

Sitcom Trials Christmas drinks & review of the year

Merry Christmas from The Sitcom Trials. Last night the Bristol team got together for Christmas drinks (above). I had to leave early, they're probably still going. A fine celebration ending an excellent year for the Trials.

A year which, you could say, has been won by Bristol, who produced three shows to London & Manchester's two apiece, as well as holding more meetings than any group has held for years. They've been actively developing new material in-house, which was one of the original points of the Trials, and have ambitious plans for next year. They've also delivered the biggest audiences of the three teams, filling the Wardrobe Theatre (which is twice the size of London's Camden Head & Manchester's Lass O'Gowrie) every single time.

All three teams have put on their best shows yet in 2012, with Manchester continuing a revival which, we mustn't forget, they kick-started with their summer 2010 show. London staged their first show since 2009 with the Eurovision Sitcom Trials, and raised the quality bar with the Sci Fi Trials, breaking all previous records for use of sound effects.

As I may have hinted at occasionally, there are discussions going on that might see a very special project happening with The Sitcom Trials, about which we'll all find out soon. In the meantime all three teams are ready and raring for more, with the first show date being Feb 22nd in Bristol. Here are the links for a look back at the 2012 Sitcom Trials:

Nov 2012 - Sci-Fi Special, London
Oct 2012 - Halloween Special, Bristol
Oct 2012 - Halloween Special, Manchester
July 2012 - Sitcom Trials Manchester
June 2012 - Sitcom Trials Bristol
May 2012 - Eurovision Sitcom Contest, London
March 2012 - Sitcom Trials Bristol 

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