Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bristol Sitcom Trials Friday Feb 22 - 10th Anniversary Show

There's a Sitcom Trials taking place at The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol this Friday Feb 22nd and I've just realised, spookily and completely coincidentally, it is taking place on the 10th anniversary exactly of the live broadcast of episode 1 of The Sitcom Trials' ITV1 series.

Here we see Wanda Opalinska and Gerard Foster in the first episode's sitcom Do You Think They'll Cotton On? by Brian Meenagh, which has yet to find its way onto YouTube. Stay tuned. The ITV series ran for 8 weeks, every Friday night at around 11.30pm (times varied as a result of our clashing with the 2nd Gulf War) with two sitcoms going head to head, the audience voting by phone and text, and the ending of the winning sitcom being performed. All live. See a selection of episodes in the Sitcom Trials video archive.

Friday night's Sitcom Trials is produced by Vince Stadon, directed by Louisa Smith and hosted by Kev F, and takes place at The Wardrobe Theatre, above The White Bear, 133 St Michael's Hill, BS2 8BS Bristol, doors opening 7.30pm. Five sitcoms compete head to head, who wins, you decide. Reserve tickets here.

PS: It has just been pointed out to me that the first episode of the TV series actually went out on Friday Feb 21st 2003, which makes this week's show less spookily coincidental. Don't tell anyone. Here's my report written at the time.

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