Sunday 23 October 2011

Manchester Sitcom Trials result

Thanks and many congratulations to the fabulous cast of Friday night's Sitcom Trials in Manchester and to the audience, however small and perfectly formed that audience may have been.

And the winner, based on the audience vote, was....

The Mad Axe Man & Her by Debbie Rayner

Here's a video giving you a snapshot of the show:

The voting looked like this:

Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark - 4 votes
Mad Axe Man & Her - 5 votes
As Plain As Day - 0 votes
Leaping Tiger - 3 votes
Doing It For The Kids - 1 vote

As you can see, that's only a total of 13 votes, a result of a very disappointing and surprising turnout for this show. But the audience were small and perfectly formed and subsequent consultation with the rest of the team agreed with the audience's decision, making Debbie's script the clear winner. It will now be prepared for a full stage outing some time in the next season.

Thanks to all the writers who submitted work, and all the actors who took part. See you all next time.

Kev F
The Sitcom Trials

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