Sunday 23 October 2011

Sitcom Trials Manchester Oct 21st

The Sitcom Trials to which we have all been building up on various forums (primarily here on the British Comedy Guide Forum - warning, there be trolls) takes place this coming Friday in Manchester.

Also the winning sitcom from July's Manchester Sitcom Trials, Checkpoint Dave by Vince Stadon, is being performed in full at the Lass O'Gowrie on Thurs 20th and Fri 21st Oct at 5.45pm.

Tickets £2.50

The 5 sitcoms being showcased by the team are
As Plain As Day by Richard Dowling
Doing It For The Kids by Ian Clarke
Leaping Tiger by Dave Powell
Mad Axe Man & Her by Debbie Rayner
Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark by Luke Cedar

Sitcom Trials videos inc TV series and last final

PS (Sun am): I've just received an email about The Sitcom Trials which begins "I only stumbled across this from a brief remark on "The One Show" [BBC 1, Friday Oct 14] about the current competition, which I realise has already been closed for entries."

The One Show? Did the Sitcom Trials get mentioned on The One Show? By whom? I must know more!

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