Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bristol Sitcom Trials update

It may seem that things have gone quiet on the Bristol Sitcom Trials front, but that's only because we've been very busy indeed - we're now only a few weeks away from our next exciting show at the Wardrobe Theatre on Friday June 29th (tickets available now).

We've five terrific sitcoms in rehearsal, and I'm currently sourcing all sorts of interesting props - including a shotgun; an easily-snappable candle; and a thing I can't tell you about, but which is bound to be the bit everybody remembers after the show.  

These sitcoms have all been written (and re-written until our eyes started bleeding) by the Bristol team, with considerable input from our very talented cast. Over the past few months we've been meeting every Sunday at a pub to throw around all sorts of strange ideas ("It's set in the Himalayas, there's a Yeti loose amongst a bunch of randy nuns!"), and on Friday June 29th, you'll get to see the sitcoms that were voted through by the team (and you can judge for yourselves if rejecting the Yeti/randy nuns thing was a wise move).  We promise you a show that's guaranteed to cheer you up after England inevitably go crashing out of the Euros, the economy spirals deeper into recession, and yet another crushingly disappointing Ridley Scott film disappears from cinema screens.

Kind regards,

(Vince Stadon is the producer of the Bristol Sitcom Trials, June 29, The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol)

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