Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sitcom Trials Bristol Fri June 30th

Yes indeed, there's only two days left until the next Bristol show, which is at the Wardrobe Theatre, Friday June 29th, 8pm.

5 brand new sitcoms competing for your vote!

A love-stricken wiccan! A teenage ASBO girl with attitude! A team obsessed with statistics! A low-budget production company! A farmer who'd rather be a detective!

Cliffhangers! Plot twists! Surprises! It's all in The Sitcom Trials!

Pitch Fest! Your ideas for brilliant new sitcoms - the best one (as voted by the audience) will win a prize!

Our very special guest host: JAMES DOWDESWELL!

Former Bristol Sitcom Trials alumni, James Dowedeswell is an imaginative storytelling comedian who combines deft stand-up with daft stories. He is a headline act at most top UK comedy clubs and he was recently the featured stand-up on Russell Howard's Good News. He has appeared in Ricky Gervais' Extras, and The World Stands Up, Edinburgh And Beyond on the Paramount Comedy Channel.

CAST: Janet Adams, Naomi Carter, Lewis Cook, Alistair Hedderman,
Troy Hewitt, John Lomas, Ziggy Ross, Louisa Smith, Linda Westmoreland, and the cast of Closer Each Day

WRITERS: Luke Cedar, Lewis Cook, Oliver Ley, Vince Stadon, Kev F Sutherland, and with additional material by the cast.

DIRECTOR: Roz Hopkinson PRODUCER: Vince Stadon EXEC. PRODUCER: Kev F Sutherland.

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