Thursday 26 January 2012

... and thanks to the Writers Guild and others

Following BBC Writers Rooms spreading the word about the new Sitcom Trials deadline, various members of the Writers Guild have joined in the retweeting which has meant more people getting on board and becoming aware of The Trials. We look forward to seeing the scripts that come in (the first entry has already been uploaded to the Files if anyone wants to read it, voting begins after the deadline. And can I remind everyone that the next meeting of the Bristol Sitcom Trials group, where actors and comedians in particular are welcomed, as well as any potential writers who want to become part of the group and get hands-on in the making of comedy, is on Sunday Feb 12th. Stay tuned here for venue details.

And breaking news, it looks like the next Manchester Sitcom Trials is just around the corner. We are looking at dates in July, keep an ear out, you'll be the first to know.

There's also talk of the return of the Trials to London, but isn't there always? As a jog to the memory, and an exciter to the pulse, let's cast our minds back to the start of the last London season. And enjoy again the words of wisdom from Sitcom Trials Judge David "TV Burp" Quantick...

The next Sitcom Trials is on March 30th at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. Details of what The Sitcom Trials wants and how to enter are here. Any questions ask here, there, or anywhere, and we'll try and answer.

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