Thursday 19 January 2012

Didn't You Used To Be + Lavender Millbank Mob on Amazon

More scripts from the archives of The Sitcom Trials have found their way onto Amazon. Check out Didn't You Used To Be..? The Complete Scripts and The Lavender Millbank Mob.

Didn't You Used To Be..? is the sitcom written by myself and Geoff Whiting for actor Tony Robinson (Baldrick) who performed two of the three episodes on stage in London and Bristol (by the time of the third script he'd got busy with Time Team); and The Lavender Millbank Mob is the spin doctor sitcom created by Rich Johnston for which The Sitcom Trials team produced half a dozen episodes, three of the best of which are in this volume.

You can download a free sample to your iPod, IPhone, Kindle, iPad etc, and why don't you post up a nice review while you're at it? And if you want to see the version of this script that ended up on TV, here it is.

There are now quite a few Sitcom Trials scripts out there on Amazon, check out the latest in the Sitcom Trials Bookshop.

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