Sunday 23 September 2012

Great Sci Fi Sitcoms: Metal Mickey

The Sitcom Trials presents Great Sci Fi Sitcoms of Our Times: Metal Mickey

Metal Mickey was a robot first and a sitcom second. Invented by model-maker Jonathan Edward, he was spotted on Jim'll Fix It by TV producer Humphrey Barclay who commissioned former Monkee Mickey Dolenz to produce and direct a comedy series starring the robot and some kids, made by LWT TV from 1980 to 83. At its peak Metal Mickey got 12 million viewers a week. No-one has been found who remembers it being in the least bit funny, though you have to admit its CV is the sort of thing you'd struggle to invent.

So, could you create the great new science fiction sitcom, and make it even more memorable than Metal Mickey? Here's your chance to find out. On Weds Nov 28th The Sitcom Trials presents a Sci Fi Special at the Camden Head in London, and you are invited to submit a script now.

As always scripts are invited to the Sitcom Trials format of a 10 minute opening act ending in a cliffhanger with a short payoff scene. We then perform the sitcoms up to the cliffhanger, the audience votes for their favourite and only sees the ending of the winner.

With this being a Science Fiction Special, we will be taking advantage of our "radio style" presentation, encouraging writers to tailor their sitcom entries for radio production. This enables you to include any special effect you can imagine, as long as they can be incorporated into the dialogue or very simple sound effects.

Writers are invited to upload their scripts to the SitsVac Files, where you will also find the guidelines regarding style, cast numbers etc. The deadline for uploading scripts is midnight Sat Nov 4th.

These scripts will then be voted on online by anyone who wishes to participate. The deadline for voting is Sat Nov 17th. The London team will then choose two or three of the most popular scripts to perform as part of the show, the other items in the show being created in house.

So if you want to have your sci-fi sitcom tested in front of a live paying audience, get on board now and enter The Sitcom Trials. Any questions, please ask at the Sits Vac Forum, or the British Comedy Guide Forum, or the Sitcom Trials Facebook page.

Kev F Sutherland
The Sitcom Trials

Oct 19 - Halloween Sitcom Trials, Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol
Oct 20 - Halloween Sitcom Trials, Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester
Nov 28 - Sitcom Trials Sci Fi Special, Camden Head, London

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