Sunday 2 September 2012

Sitcom Trials table reading & Halloween latest

Sitcom Trials Bristol table read, today at The Oxford, Totterdown. 

I've just had the pleasure of joining Vince and his Bristol team for a Sitcom Trials table reading of five scripts in contention for the Halloween Sitcom Trials in October.

The team read Three In Tow, Brides of Petenstein, Randolph Carter, Draszic's Lot and Separate Parents, the scripts that stood in Top Five position after the first voting deadline. It was a marvellous reminder of the value of a table-reading, with scripts coming across very differently once heard read out loud as opposed to flat on the page. I'll leave it to Vince to tell you which scripts fared well and what will be going forward to the October show. All I can say is, you see that script that was the best? The one that suddenly every realised "oh wait, this is really good this one"? Yeah, well I gave that one a Yes. Is all I'm saying.

Vince Stadon adds:


Kind and sexy people congregated in Totterdown, Bristol today to do Sitcom things, and a jolly time was had by all, not least by Kev F who bewilderingly and aggressively played a Scots woman in a script that really did call for Kev F to play a bewildered and aggressive Scots woman.

In attendance - some very lovely and talented Bristol Sitcom Trials Players, plus a scattering of anxious writers who grew to appreciate why we hold these afternoon meetings in a pub. We read and critiqued the top five scripts as voted by peer review, and a further discussion was held with the Halloween show's director, Alistair Hedderman, after he had won a furious battle with the bar staff to serve him something that seemed very suspiciously like beef and tomato cupasoup.

We took a vote, and the two scripts we absolutely intend to go into rehearsal for our next show are: "The Brides of Pete-enstein" and "Three in Tow". These two scripts garnered the most laughs and appreciation from the team, and any staging issues were worked out in discussion, leading us to believe that they will be performable, funny, and that they will work for an audience.

At the meeting we also discussed and decided upon a classic Trials script, which we also aim to perform, simply because it's a great script that really works. The final two scripts will come from the Bristol team, as we write and rewrite with considerable input from the cast. For me, the process of watching scripts blossom as the cast bring characters to life and give their input is truly magical. Yes, it demands lots of rewrites and time and effort, but the audience don't know that - as they sit there with their cupasoups they just see five funny sitcoms, and that's exactly how it should be. And the audiences for the Sitcom Trials, in London, Manchester and Bristol, have been fantastic.

A few exciting pieces of news for you -

- Thursday Night Bristol Sitcom Trials. From Thursday 13th September, the Bristol team will be reading sitcom scripts on stage at the Oxford pub, Oxford Street, Totterdown, just before bands take to rock the world in an open mic slot.

We're doing this for fun, and because the landlord at the Oxford - who has kindly let us meet on Sundays - has begged us to do it. It'll be free. It'll be from 7pm. It'll be fun. It'll be free (yes I know I said that already). We very much hope to get a good crowd, so please please come along. and please please bring all your friends, except the ones you don't like very much any more.

If it works, we'll read YOUR sitcoms to an audience at future Sitcom Trials Thursday nights, so please feel free to come along with scripts so we can take a look at them - as long as they don't need stage directions, we're keen to perform them. Actors, please get in touch should you wish to be involved - we guarantee a good time!.

Let's see what happens on THURSDAY 13th SEPTEMBER, and we'll take it from there. Could be a nice thing on a regular basis - it's up to you guys to come along and support us.

- The Radio Sitcom Trials. Still in the planning stages, but we're looking to perform 30 minute radio sitcom scripts live in front of an audience, then release them as fully-mixed professional shows. We'll hold open competitions to select scripts. All up in the air at the moment, but discussions are underway and we'll announce how it'll work before the end of the year, and it could be quite exciting.

So.. busy times!

Kind regards and very best wishes,



Now Kev F again:

Meanwhile the voting in the online script selection continues,  remembering there is a Halloween Sitcom Trials in Manchester on Oct 20th as well as the one in Bristol on Oct 19th.

 And I've just made it easier for you.

In the files you will find there are now just 17 scripts in contention. I've eliminated (ie put in a folder marked "Eliminated") the scripts that stood on minus figures after the first week of voting. So it's all the easier for everyone who hasn't participated in this process to pitch in and have their say. Just read, review and vote as many as you can, voting YES, MAYBE or NO with Twitter-length reviews, and post them either to the BCG forum or the SitsVac forum.

The files:

The scripts still in contention are:

Draszic's Lot
Separate Parents
Randolph Carter
Three in Tow
Brides of PeteE
Thirteen Gormley St
Country Rock
Red Sky at Night
What Was That?
Who Judges Judges
Roy Richards
Kill Bob
Trick or Treat
Witching Hour
Femme Fatale

Deadline for 2nd wave of voting is midnight Saturday Sept 8th after which I'll post the latest running total and, possibly, do some more eliminating.

Kev F Sutherland
Executive Poducer
The Sitcom Trials

Next shows:
Oct 19 - Halloween Special, Bristol
Oct 20 - Halloween Special, Manchester
London to be announced

PS: New animation. Enjoy:

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