Sunday 9 September 2012

Sitcom Trials Scratch Nights Thursdays, Bristol

Announcing Sitcom Trials Scratch Nights, Thursdays in Bristol - you are invited.

Thursday Night Bristol Sitcom Trials. From Thursday 13th September, the Bristol team will be reading sitcom scripts on stage at the Oxford pub, Oxford Street, Totterdown, just before bands take the stage.

We're doing this for fun, (explains Bristol producer Vince Stadon) and because the landlord at the Oxford - who has kindly let us meet on Sundays - has begged us to do it. It'll be free. It'll be from 7pm. It'll be fun. It'll be free (yes I know I said that already). We very much hope to get a good crowd, so please please come along. and please please bring all your friends, except the ones you don't like very much any more.

If it works, we'll read YOUR sitcoms to an audience at future Sitcom Trials Thursday nights, so please feel free to come along with scripts so we can take a look at them - as long as they don't need stage directions, we're keen to perform them. Actors, please get in touch should you wish to be involved - we guarantee a good time!.

Let's see what happens on THURSDAY 13th SEPTEMBER, and we'll take it from there. Could be a nice thing on a regular basis - it's up to you guys to come along and support us.

Actors who want to take part and writers who'd like their work included, please contact Vince Stadon, Bristol team producer, via the Sitcom Trials Facebook page.

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