Wednesday 21 November 2012

Sitcom Trials meeting Sunday - you are invited

Vince Stadon writes:


Just to let you know that the next meeting of the Bristol Sitcom Trials will be this Sunday at the Oxford pub, Oxford Street, Totterdown, Bristol, at roughly 3pm.  I say roughly because this eccentric boozer has its own special relationship with time, and you never know when it'll open its doors.  I keep telling the landlord we'll be meeting, and receive enthusiastic assurances that yes, we'll be able to get in, but many's the time I've been stood outside the locked doors, in the rain, musing on why author Raymond Chandler never bothered to explain who bumped-off the ill-fated chauffeur in "The Big Sleep", his seminal detective book from 1939. 

At the meeting we'll be reading a few archive Sitcom Trials scripts to get us all back in the groove, discussing plans for the next show (Friday Feb 22nd at the Wardrobe Theatre) and beyond, and we'll also try to definitively sort out a date for the Christmas Party thing, hopefully without it coming to blows.

Please do come along if you've the afternoon free,

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