Tuesday 13 November 2012

Vote now in the Sci Fi Sitcom Trials


Keep those votes coming in in the Sci Fi Sitcom Trials online script selection (deadline Saturday). With the most recent sets of votes counted the table's looking properly indecisive with five scripts tying for 8th place and, in the middle of the table, six scripts sitting on zero points.

An exciting contest this time around, and I hope we're all feeling the benefit of the constructive feedback from all the reviewers.

Face-Time 16
Starship Impossible 10
Our Mutual Friend 9
Them & Us 8
Clarice 7
Space Vets 7
Country Rock 6
Alice & The Genie 5
Burrax/Bringer of 5
Chimps 5
Event Horizon Crescent 5
Not From Round Here 5
Where No MAN Has Gone Before 4
Aliens 3
Apocalypse Cake Sale 3
King Chicken 3
Stanburg 3
Time Travel Tours 2
Great Space 1
BFF 3000 0
Bunk 0
Men In Brown 0
Nova FM 0
Space Cowgirl 0
The Princess of Darkness 0
Chaos -1
Dome Sweet Dome -1
The Crew -1
Area 47a -2
51 Roswell Rd -4
A Womb With A View -4
Apocalypse -5
Inconceivable -5
Hey Human -6
SU -6
Sky Level -7
The Time Travels of Dr Choo -8


How do I Vote in the Sitcom Trials?

Read the scripts in the Files here:

And post your votes either in the Sits Vac Forum or in the BCG Forum.

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