Monday 19 November 2012

The final five sitcoms going into the Sci Fi Sitcom Trials on Nov 28th are:

Alice and the Genie
Burrax: Bringer Of Desserts
Event Horizon Crescent
Not From Round Here
Starship Impossible

Congratulations to all those successful writers, who may feel free to contact me now for their freebie tickets (+1) to the show. Commiserations to the writers whose scripts ended up not being chosen this time.

Here were the 8 scripts read at the table reading on Sunday and the votes cast by the directors and actors based on how well the scripts sounded.

Alice/Genie. Yes 8 maybe 1 no 0 total 17
Burrax Bringer of desserts Yes 5 maybe 3 no 0 total 13
Event Horizon Yes 5 maybe 3 No 1 total 12
Not from round here Yes 4 Maybe 3 No 1 total 10
Starship Impossible Yes 3 maybe 3 no 3 total 6
Space vets yes 1 maybe 4 no 2 total 4
FaceTime Yes 0 Maybe 4 no 4 total 0
Chimps Yes 0 maybe 4 No 5 total -1

I realise the verdicts reached by people hearing a script read around a table by actors can, and in this case do, vary wildly from the consensus reached by people reading the scripts on the page. I would defend these conclusions as they are based on a judgement of something much closer to how a performed version will come across than otherwise is possible, but I bet I'd feel disgruntled if I was the author of online favourite FaceTime.

So, we have the line-up for the Sci Fi Sitcom Trials. Who's coming?

Kev F

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