Wednesday 25 September 2013

Top 10 Father sitcoms - No 4 Oh Father

In the wake of BBC 1's new hit sitcom Father Figure, a remarkable number of people seem to be suggesting they could write a better sitcom than that. If you want to prove it, you can enter a script into the next Sitcom Trials - deadline October 20th, entry is free, details are here. In the meantime, we continue our look at the Top 10 "Father" sitcoms. And at Number 4 we remember...

Oh Father starring Derek Nimmo was the sequel to Oh Brother and All Gas and Gaiters, in which Brother Dominic was promoted to the rank of Father in the Anglican priesthood. It ran for 7 episodes in 1973, paling into insignificance alongside Oh Brother's 20 episodes and All G & G's 34 between 1965 and 1971. Created by husband and wife writing team Pauline Devaney and Edwin Apps it began life as part of Comedy Playhouse, a series in which brand new sitcoms were piloted and competed to become the audience's favourite and win a long-running series. What a splendid idea for a TV show.

The Sitcom Trials takes place at The Ring O' Bells, Bath, Nov 29 2013. 5 sitcoms go head to head, who wins? You decide. To enter a script, follow this link, deadline October 20th 2013.

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