Friday 20 September 2013

Top 10 Father sitcoms - No 9 Dads

In the wake of BBC 1's new hit sitcom Father Figure, a remarkable number of people seem to be suggesting they could write a better sitcom than that. Really? well if you want to prove it, why not enter a script into the next Sitcom Trials - deadline October 20th, entry is free, details are here. In the meantime, we continue our look at the Top 10 "Father" sitcoms. And at Number 9 it's...

Peter Riegert as David (right) and Seth Green as Eli in Dads
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Clasen/Fox

Dads is the critics choice for worst new sitcom of the fall 2013 television season, according to Starpulse. Vulture says "Dads, about two adult men dealing with their eccentric, interfering, and altogether insufferable fathers, is a bad sitcom. And yet I found it oddly fascinating", while Slate reported "If, in this new, subpar TV season, describing a show as one of its “best” is not that complimentary, describing a show as one of its worst means something special: Dads is the worst new comedy in quite some time."

Given that Dads is the work of Family Guy and American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane should be reassuring to all successful comedians, writers and producers whose latest television work has not been universally well received. Watch this space for the rest of the Top 10 countdown.

The Sitcom Trials takes place at The Ring O' Bells, Bath, Nov 29 2013. 5 sitcoms go head to head, who wins? You decide. To enter a script, follow this link, deadline October 20th 2013.

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