Tuesday 24 September 2013

Top 10 Father sitcoms - No 5 $h*! My Dad Says

In the wake of BBC 1's new hit sitcom Father Figure, a remarkable number of people seem to be suggesting they could write a better sitcom than that. Really? well if you want to prove it, why not enter a script into the next Sitcom Trials - deadline October 20th, entry is free, details are here. In the meantime, we continue our look at the Top 10 "Father" sitcoms. And at Number 5 we find...

$h*! My Dad Says was the first sitcom to be based on a Twitter account, in this case one in which Justin Halpern reported quotes from his father Sam. It was cancelled after 18 episodes, which by American standards is not a particularly long run, and joins other William Shatner television successes Barbary Coast, TJ Hooker, Tek War, and that sketch on Saturday Night Live where he tells a load of Star Trek fans to "get a life". And Have I Got News For You, he was good on that.

The Sitcom Trials takes place at The Ring O' Bells, Bath, Nov 29 2013. 5 sitcoms go head to head, who wins? You decide. To enter a script, follow this link, deadline October 20th 2013.

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