Sunday 31 July 2016

Sitcom Trials - So You Think You Write Funny, Final August 23rd

Here we see the flyer for The Sitcom Trials - So You Think You Write Funny Final. Look out for these on the streets of Edinburgh this August.

The final line up for the Sitcom Trials So You Think You Write Funny has been announced, and tickets are already selling fast. For anyone taking note of such things, three of the five sitcoms - who have made it here from 6 Heats showcasing 30 sitcoms across 5 cities - are by female writer-performers, and 4 out of the 5 have female leads.

The finalists are:

Like-A-Looks by Vanessa-Faye Stanley & Kate Bowes-Renna (London)
Kylie Minogue meets Captain Jack Sparrow in the temping job to beat all, as Valerie enters the world of Like-A-Looks. 

Sonny & Me by Baby Isako (London)
Everyone around him wants Eddie to grow up and face his responsibilities. Finding he has a 15 year old son changes everything. But wait, can that really be his son?

Aquarius CafĂ© by Rachel Sambrooks (Birmingham)
Birmingham’s only cafe cum therapy palace cum poetry experience cum music venue cum jazz bar cum folk museum cum wedding emporium cum flashmob cum love cafe. 

Agent of LOVCRAFT by Paul Hunt & Mat Troy (Cardiff)
Cardiff’s own slightly psychic investigator faces the biggest challenge yet when a maniac kidnaps a city bus armed with an electric screwdriver and a route map.

Graduettes by Sean Wilkie (Glasgow)
Three Glasgow women have recently graduated and now struggle to make their way in the world despite illness, unwanted pregnancy, and being a nutty religious zealot.

The audience will vote for their favourite and only see the ending of the winner, with the ultimate victor being chosen by a panel of judges. The winning sitcom writers are awarded their own show at the Gilded Balloon next year.

The Sitcom Trials So You Think You Write Funny? Grand Final is on at 10.30pm, August 23rd 2016 at The Gilded Ballon, Edinburgh Fringe. Tickets here.

Heat 1 London Video
Heat 2 London Video
Heat 3 Birmingham Video
Heat 4 Cardiff Video
Heat 5 Manchester Video
Heat 6 Glasgow Video 

If you would like to create the next great British situation comedy, The Sitcom Trials is an opportunity for your sitcom to be seen live.

Details of new shows, and our ongoing competition, are to be found here at and on Twitter and Facebook.

See the Best of The Sitcom Trials videos, here.

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