Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dreams of whistles and bells for Sitcom Trials website

Over on the British Comedy Guide forum, Tom G writes: I would really love to enter this but, unless I'm doing something wrong, it appears I need a degree in 1990s internet technology!

Kev F: I completely agree that the SitsVac forum is antiquated. I set it up when it was called OneList then it became an eGroup and finally it was a YahooGroup, this was all back in 1999 when the Sitcom Trials began.

If anyone is a dab hand with technology, I would love a state-of-the-art system by which people could upload their scripts then signed-in members (who would include all people who had entered scripts) could read, review and vote on the scripts that have been uploaded.

Funny or Die, a surviving example of the online uploading and voting I'd like to emulate

I dream of a system where this happens automatically and looks flashy and impressive, having seen such things operated by websites in the past (there have been a few where you uploaded videos and people voted for the best - all of whom seem to have gone out of business after 6 months).

But it's not my area of expertise. Is there anyone out there who can help?

For those of you able to wrestle your way through some 90s low-tech - think of it as a nostalgia trip - you upload files here in the SitsVac files (which will involve signing into Yahoo and joining the group, which is at least automatic). There are currently 6 scripts in there for us to choose from for tomorrow's meeting.

The next Sitcom Trials is on March 30th at The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. Details of what The Sitcom Trials wants and how to enter are here. Any questions ask here, there, or anywhere, and we'll try and answer.

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