Sunday 12 February 2012

Sitcom Trials Bristol meeting report Feb 12

Thanks to everyone who came along to today's Bristol Sitcom Trials meeting at the Oxford Totterdown - oh and thanks to Vince for being in charge of the meeting despite my overbearing presence (don't worry everyone, I go to Australia on Wednesday, you'll be shot of me for a month). Bring new meaning to the words focus and out of, I took some very poor photos...

I know. But you can possibly glimpse through the camera shudder brand new potential group members Elf, Viv, Robin, Tom, James, Janna and Luke. Just out of shot were Sarit (of the old London team, thanks for making the journey), Angie (of the last Bristol team, welcome back), Mel, Linda, Lorna, John and Gary, and of course Vince (Stadon, the new producer) and myself, plus two writers who were long-suffering enough to have us read out their scripts, Ted (from Bristol) and Oliver who had schlepped down to Bristol all the way from Catterick. That's right, Catterick.

I hope Ted, Oliver and Angie benefitted from hearing their scripts (respectively Social, You've Missed A Bit and Totterdown Neighbourhood Watch) given a blind round-table reading. We also gave a reading to Vic Gore's Bewilderment. I look forward to hearing the group's feedback on everything they heard. Amongst other things I learned about The Bechdel Test which, I think, two thirds of today's scripts failed. But don't worry, that's not a problem for getting into the Trials (most sitcoms fail the test I believe).

I hope I didn't take over too much at the meeting and that everyone wants to stay on board to be part of the Bristol team. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours when I return in March. Meantime, if everyone wants to stay in touch, might I recommend joining:

- The SitsVac eGroup (where you can upload and download the scripts that will be contenders to be in the show)

- The British Comedy Guide Forum (where you can talk to fellow writers and where you might prefer to post your script reviews)

- The Sitcom Trials Facebook group (speaks for itself)

+ subscribe to this Sitcom Trials blog, which is where everything I post appears first.

See you all soon

Kev F
The Sitcom Trials

Next show March 30, Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol
Script deadline Feb 29 - enter here.

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