Tuesday 21 February 2012

Great Lost Sitcoms: Grown Ups

It is one of the undoubted truths of the situation comedy that few sitcoms become Britain's Favourite. Some comedy creations are gems that enjoy a brief moment twinkling in the light of day, then disappear, to be forgotten.

These are the Lost Sitcoms. I have some favourites. One such is Grown Ups.

Written by Paul Makin, who wrote the longer-running and better-remembered Channel 4 series Nightingales and sadly died aged 54 in 2008, it starred Tony Gardner, Pippa Haywood (pictured) and Jason Watkins, was on BBC2 in 1997, and gave rise to a phrase which became a sort of in-joke in our house: "You're a locum, you're not a proper Doctor."

Sharing a title with a much more successful American TV series, no connection, and a movie and various books, it's impossible to find much more about. It seems never to have made it into DVD on even onto YouTube. Anyone who knows better, do please let us know.

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If you would like to create the next great lost sitcom, The Sitcom Trials are running this summer in Birmingham, Cardiff & Manchester. Deadline for scripts is May 22nd.  See here for details.

Next shows:
June 21 2015 - Manchester Sitcom Trials
Kings Arms Salford

July 3 2015 - 1st Midlands Sitcom Trials
Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham

July tbc - 1st Cardiff Sitcom Trials
Porters Bar, Cardiff

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