Sunday 13 May 2012

Euro script selection results

Here are the results of the totalled up votes in the Eurovision Sitcom Contest script selection (where a Yes gives 2 points, a Maybe gives 1 point, and a No gives minus 1 point). The figure in brackets is the total when the writer's vote for their own script is removed (these are the writers who admitted in their votes which was their own script, I realise there will be others who voted for their own script but didn't mention it, and whose online name doesn't match their author name. If anyone wants to report any amendments that should be made, please let me know. The full table of votes is now in the SitsVac files).

RESULTS        Total
Checking Out        16 (*14)
Art for Arts Sake    10
Band on the Run        10
Cooper                10  (*8)
Doodlebugs        9
A Weekend with Wogan    9  (*7)
Audition        7
Outgoings        7 (*5)
Sing Your Life        6  (*4)
A Long Way to Azerbai    4
Rogue State        3
All The Fun Of The Fair     0
Linda                 0  (*-2)
Moonstricken        -1
Meat                -2
A Thong For Europe    -2 (*-4)
MakeupDave        -3
Think Tank        -4
Eurovison Boycott    -5
Labasci Washington    -7
Euromurder        -10 (*-12)
Peoples Flag        -13
I shall be making the decision about how we proceed today and shall be announcing that later. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who entered and everyone who voted, I hope we've all got something out of the process. Next stop - the Eurovision Finals where three of these scripts will be up against the French and the Israeli entries.

Kev F Sutherland
Creator & Producer
The Sitcom Trials

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