Saturday 26 May 2012

Eurovision Sitcom Contest reviews

Thanks to Steve Tracey, author of Art For Arts Sake, and Bart Hulley, author and star of A Species of American in Paris, both for making it to the Eurovision Sitcom Contest itself, from Gosport and Strasbourg respectively, and for the following reviews, posted on the Sitcom Trials Facebook group.

Steve Tracey Great show, and congratulations to the Johnny Foreigner teams. Though in the words of Michael Flanders I think they “Practiced before hand, which ruins the fun”.
Seriously though, well done to all of the actors and directors, great job all round. Particular high praise should be given to the cast of “Checking Out” who really threw themselves body and sole (see what I did there) into the performance. I don’t think anyone could deny that the best entry won, if for no other reason that their second half was faultless and rounded of a great night.
And of course thanks to Kev for doing all of the hard work in putting it all together.

Barcholomou Hülleý Great fun - didn't realise I would be needed to act as well - but it all worked out rather well in the end I thought?
As for those scripts:
Art for Arts sake - it's always tough being up first, but the cast did a great job of bringing it to life. Could have been shorter and tighter though - with fewer puns about ejaculation.
Band on the run - my favourite, great characters, great performance! Again - could have been shorter and tighter, but very little not to like!
Checking out - Although Kev apologised for the Sock's interpretation - I think it actually added a certain je ne sais quoi. Only comment would be that the laughs became a bit thin on the ground just before the cliffhanger.
Species of American in Paris - brilliant of course (Oh la la - but then it was my script)
The Synagogue - what better way to end the night than with "Boom shake the Jew?!"

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