Tuesday 22 May 2012

Those "Have We Found" animations

The Sitcom Trials catchphrase - "Have we found the new..?" - is as old as the Trials themselves, having appeared on the flyers advertising the show back in 2000 and immortalised on the 2001 Edinburgh poster as "Have we found the new Frasier? The new Friends? The new Fawlty?". The original flyers are lost in the mists of time, but here's a 2009 revamp of the style:

Since which time, as well as being a regular feature of the live show, and a joy to make up all the time (please, if someone, anyone would make up some "Have we founds" for me, I'd be delighted), I've been making little animated gifs of them for the website. Then losing them. They float off round various parts of the internet, who knows where. So, for the purposes of neatness, here are the "Have we found" animations to date, all in one place.

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