Sunday 6 May 2012

Eurovision Sitcom Contest - time to vote

The scripts have been entered in the Eurovision Sitcom Contest, the deadline for entries has passed, and now it is time for you to vote. Yes you. If you're reading this, then we want to have your input in choosing which of these scripts should be performed at the show in London on May 24th 2012.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a special edition of The Sitcom Trials which, if you're unfamiliar with it, is the long-running stage and TV show in which we present brand new situation comedies and the audience vote for their favourite and only see the ending of the winner. Past partcipants in the Sitcom Trials include Miranda Hart, Land Girls writer Roland Moore, Neil Mullarkey & the Comedy Store Players, Perrier Winner Laura Solon and many more. Now we have to select the scripts that will be tested on stage next*

Have we found the new Episodes? The new Extras? The new Ever Decreasing Circles? You decide.

This is how it works. You, dear reader, are invited to go to the Eurovision folder in the Sits Vac files where you will find 18 scripts (it will be necessary to join the SitsVac egroup in order to access the files, this is free and all entrants past and present have already done so). We would like you to read as many of these scripts as you can (you don't need to read all of them) then review (in a Twitter-length review) and vote on whether they should be included in the live show. Vote YES, MAYBE or NO.

Please post these reviews and votes to either of these places:
The Sits Vac Message Board
or The British Comedy Guide Forum (Sitcom Trials thread)

They will then be totted up like so:
A YES is worth 2 points,
a MAYBE is worth 1 points,
and a NO is worth minus 1 point.
So it doesn't matter if you don't manage to read every script, your votes will affect the scripts you have read, and will leave unmarked those that you can't open or can't get round to.

Please, if possible, upload your votes and reviews in one go, rather than posting them script-by-script, and do not just give a list of votes without reviews. We need to see your reviews to a) help the writer benefit from this process and b) prove you actually read the scripts. If you have any questions about the Eurovision Sitcom Contest or The Sitcom Trials you can ask at The Sits Vac Forum, The British Comedy Guide Forum, or Facebook

Deadline for your reviews and votes is Saturday May 12th, after which they will be totalled up and the line-up for the show decided. You can see examples of previous voting (and the discussion that follows) here and here. Happy voting. The scripts in contention are:

A Long Way To AzerBaijan
A Thong For Europe
A Weekend With Wogan
All The Fun Of The Fair
Art For Arts Sake
Band On The Run
Checking Out
Cooper Introduction
Labasci Washington
Make Up Dave
Rogue State
Sing Your Life
The Eurovision Boycott
The Peoples Flag
Think Tank

*NB We are selecting three of the sitcoms that will be performed on the night. Two of the international entries are being written and produced independently of this process, by teams representing European countries. These will be revealed on the night.

PS: The theme of this show is Eurovision so, when making the final selection, I will be paying particular attention to which scripts have addressed the theme. If there is any final adjudication in the case of close voting, that will be up to me, and the theme will be taken into consideration.

Kev F Sutherland
Creator & producer, The Sitcom Trials


Thu May 24 2012
The Camden Head
100 Camden High Street London NW1 0LU
8pm - 10pm £3

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