Saturday 20 October 2012

Halloween Sitcom Trials. And the winners are...?

And the winner of the Manchester Halloween Sitcom Trials is... Randolph Carter's Casebook by Argument Dave.

The sitcoms in contention were Separate Parents, Grimm's Law, Draszic's Lot, Wink Murder and Randolph Cater's Casebook. Congratulations to all involved in another excellent show.

Friday's Bristol Halloween Sitcom Trials was won by Three In Tow by Eoin Carney.

These results mark outstanding victories for the online submissions, beating as they did two inhouse productions from the Manchester team and three from the Bristol team, and I am happy to announce from the Manchester show that the standard of scripts and performances was at the highest standard yet. You can look forward to photos and videos from Manchester in the coming days, and I hope from Bristol too.

Next stop, the Sci Fi Sitcom Trials. Bring em on, deadline Nov 4th.

Kev F Sutherland
Creator & Producer
The Sitcom Trials


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