Wednesday 24 October 2012

Sitcom Trials Flyer 2001

A blast from the past, from this time 11 years ago, the flyer for the 2001 Edinburgh Fringe Sitcom Trials.

Here you see the front and the back of the DL flyer and, disappointingly, the only copy I seem to have in my files is over-stickered with the details of a post-Edinburgh show we did in London in November that year. We went on to tour the show in spring 2002, using more of the same leftover flyers. Sure I had plenty leftover then, but since have clearly had a thorough chuckout of them. So if you have one in your collection, it's probably starting to be worth something.

On the back you see our fondly remembered cast: Miranda Hart & Charity Trimm, who starred in a sitcom set in a joke shop; Gez Foster who played the owner of the cafe next door and Dan Clegg who played the camp one. Can't imagine what become of that sitcom idea, it showed such promise. Also on the flyer you see 5th cast member Dominic Frisby, and myself, Kev F, the host. Ah, memories. Okay, onwards and upwards.

The next Sitcom Trials is a Sci Fi Special on Nov 28th, deadline for scripts is Nov 4th.

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