Tuesday 16 October 2012

Halloween Sitcom Trials line-ups, Bristol and Manchester.

Halloween Sitcom Trials line-ups, Bristol and Manchester.


The line-ups have been decided for the Halloween Sitcom Trials in Bristol on Friday Oct 19th and Manchester on Saturday Oct 20th, and this is to let you know which scripts from the online selection have gone through.

Bristol will be performing three in-house productions plus Bride of Pete-Enstein by Iain Keiller, and Three In Tow by Eoin Carney.

Manchester will be performing two in-house productions plus Draszic's Lot by DieHard514, Randolph Carter by Judgement Dave, and Separate Parents by Dan Sweryt & Jim Speirs.

If any of the writers can make it along to see their scripts being performed, free tickets and a plus one await. For the Bristol show email Vince at stadonclan@hotmail.com and for Manchester email me kevf.sutherland@virgin.net

We look forward to seeing you at these shows, which should be Halloween-tastic sensations.

Bristol Halloween Sitcom Trials, Oct 19, The Wardrobe Theatre £3
Manchester Halloween Sitcom Trials, Oct 20, The Lass O'Gowrie £3

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